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A First Class Education

A product of Oklahoma public schools, Cyndi knows that our state is only as strong as our public schools. Cyndi is dedicated to ensuring that our schools have the funding they need to provide a first-class education and our teachers have the pay and benefits they deserve. She has consistently fought for more resources for our classrooms and voted against budgets that don’t provide the investments that our children need.

Prioritizing Women, Girls, and Seniors

Oklahoma is ranked the second worst state in the nation for women to live in. 49% of women in Oklahoma will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. There are over 150,000 cases of abuse or mistreatment of senior citizens each year. That’s why Cyndi has made it a priority to introduce legislation that provides equal pay for equal work, strengthened the rights of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and makes life easier for our loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Honoring our Veterans

The daughter of a veteran and retired Master Sergeant, Cyndi believes that we must work our hardest to honor the service that Oklahoma’s veterans have given our country. Cyndi sponsored legislation that has made it easier for veterans serving overseas to receive benefits they deserve and has worked to ensure our veterans services are fully funded.

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